Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's the Most Wonderful Time

 I just love seeing these four so excited about Christmas. This has been such a fun year. The girls love finding Christmas decorations and yelling out "Christmas," and I may have taken them to Hobby Lobby a few times just to see them flip out. Sidenote: Half the time they call Santa Christmas, so when they yell it out it's because they saw him. We're working on that.

 These sweet boys. Be still my heart. Max begged to wear this tie all week long, and he was so excited when I said it was time. He may still wear it randomly. And mostly without a shirt on. the pose. 

My main thrill in life is a punny gift tag, and this year I had fun with them. I saw this idea for studs on the Pinterest Told Me To blog, and then I just had to add a Studly gift tag...ha!

 Easiest gift ever...I made some little tags for coloring books. Score.

 These are slinkies. I know they technically jiggle instead of jump, but I went with it.

 An oldie but goodie.

 I kept it simple for the boys' teachers. Who doesn't like Sonic Happy Hour?

Christmas Parties! I knew Ben wasn't going to want to leave me once he saw me, so he just came to Max's class for their party. He was happy. Max was happy. Mama was happy.
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Favorite Things Party 2015

This is my third year throwing a Favorite Things Party for my friends, and every year it's so much fun! (For last year go here, and for the first year here). Favorite Things Parties have been around for several years now, but the basic premise is to choose one favorite thing at a certain dollar amount (ours is $5), bring a certain number of them (we bring 4), and then we all share what we brought and draw the names of four people who get to take our item home. Just as a sidetone, we have found that drawing the names before we get started works out better!

Anyhow, like I's nothing new, but I like to take pictures every year so I remember it. I keep it super simple. Less stress equals more fun!

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Santa Time

 Four's a win!

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Bass Pro Pyramid

My family visited the couple days before Thanksgiving, and we had a fun time showing them around Memphis. We took them to the Peabody, some fun places to eat, and of course these days the new must see...the Bass Pro Pyramid...ha! We thought we would catch Santa, so we wore some Christmas clothes, but sadly he was back at the North Pole getting ready. We still has fun looking around, watching them feed the fish, and exploring Santa Land!

 Trying to get everyone looking...Addie has the sorority girl pose down pat.

 Watching them feed the fish with Uncle Zach, Mimi, and Aunt Hailey.

 We're going to call it a day on these.

 Writing Letters to Santa



 Ben was more into the trains

 And this awesome race track.

 Mailing letters with our soon to be Aunt Amy II...yes, we're going to have to work on that name. We call her Zamy at the moment, but that can't last forever.

More race track fun with Uncle Zach.
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Thanksgiving Feast 2015

I'm still a little behind on the last couple months, but in November the boys had a Thanksgiving feast at their school. The teachers do it up big and roast turkeys and serve the whole meal to the students and their families (they let us bring our Mimi) after a Thanksgiving party in the room. Max was all about it, and Ben wasn't really feeling it, which pretty much sums up a lot of party situations in our lives. Ben doesn't particularly like big crowds and new people, so he's content just to hang out with his people. I know the feeling, little man!

 Matching Daddy and ready to be a pilgrim

 All the boys together

The girls weren't allowed at the feast, but we need to have a record of these super cute turkey outfits. And as a side note...Emmie looks like she's pouting, but she's actually just super distracted. Not that it would be a big stretch if she were... Two-year-olds are pouting experts.

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