Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July in a Nutshell

 We have had lots of visitors from Texas this month! Mike's dad and sister were here at the beginning of the month, then my mom dropped in for the weekend, and then Mike's dad came back to stay with me while Mike was gone to children's camp. Somehow, even though we had everyone here, I still managed to pretty much just take pictures of the boys. Funny how that happens when kids are involved, huh? Here's some of my favorite, although incredibly random, pictures from this month!

Bath time Dragon

Just hanging my flip flops

My two "babies"

Mike and me at a wedding

Super Max...keeping the neighborhood safe

Finger painting. With Shaving Cream on top. Ask Mimi.


He thought he needed a sticker...

Playing at a neighbor's birthday party.

Stylin' at WalMart
SO mad I was trying to take his picture.

Kind of getting over it...

Nope...came around the corner and saw the camera. So weird.

Just hanging out in the Bumbo...

Hmm...trying to eat someone maybe??


Monday, July 23, 2012

Splish Splash

Max got a fun new toy this summer, and we have had a lot of fun playing with it. It's pretty big, but that crazy boy is up to the challenge! He may have jumped over the side of the slide into the pool once or twice. We definitely have to watch him! All of our neighbors have been able to come play on it, which has been great. Max loves other kids...I can't wait for Ben to be big enough to play with him. I'm sure they will be hilarious. Thanks, grandpa, for helping us get such a fun slide!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ben at Two Months

 Ben...on July 11th you turned 2 months old! You are a pretty relaxed little guy, although you have a set of lungs on you too! You are starting to "talk" and smile, and you are noticing the world around you more. You still sleep a significant amount of the day away, but you are awake more too. I'm sure you'll be getting into all sorts of trouble with your brother before we know it!
Here are a few more things about you this month:
-You weigh 12 lbs 5 ounces, and you are 23 3/4 inches long.
-You wear a size one diaper.
-You wear 0-3 and 3 month clothes.
-You take 5 ounces at a time.
-You go to sleep for the last time around 9 or 9:30 and sleep until about 5:30 on average. Sometimes it's 2:30 and sometimes it's 7:00. You never can tell what you'll do!
-You stay up during the day for about an hour and a half at a time.
-You haven't been to the church nursery yet, because you haven't had your shots. But hopefully soon!
-You fall asleep as soon as we take you outside.
-You wake up as soon as we stop at a light or highway exit.
-You used to scream in your bath, but you are starting to like it.
-You are using a pacifier, but you are trying to suck your thumb.
-We'll see what you're up to next month!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July(ish) Stuff

Well hello there. I have the best intentions to blog everyday. Really I do. But then I climb into bed every night and pass out. I am determined to get caught up on the past few weeks in the next few days, but here are just a few cute pictures from my iPhone. I seriously think I have forgotten how to use a real camera.

Nutella is my best friend.
Someone has decided he may actually like baths.
Hard at work.

Break time!
um...Just time to call it a day and clock out.

To Infinity...and Beyond!



Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting Smiley

This little guy is growing fast!  

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Celebrating the 4th

We had a great time celebrating the July 4th this year. We started last Friday with the city's annual parade and rounded it out with swimming and dinner with some friends last night. I didn't take any pictures last night, but here are a few shots from the parade. We didn't actually participate, but all the kids on bikes and in wagons line up in our church parking lot. So we got to go see the fun...then go inside where the air was on! It was a great year. 

I have had a great time looking back at old pictures this morning. Our last few July 4ths have been full of change. In 2010 I was 7 months pregnant, in 2011 we had an almost 10 month old, and now we have an almost 2 year old and 2 month old. I can't wait to see what next July looks like!

The whole family.
It's hot. And I just want to go run between the moving cars. Why is that too much to ask?

I sleep a lot.
Just the two of us.


Monday, July 02, 2012

The Beach: iPhone Style

So I took a lot of pictures on vacation. This is the last group, I promise! It seems like more often than not these days I choose my iPhone over my camera. It's just so much easier to carry around. These are the pictures I caught while we were out and about.

Our beach house. I want to live here.

Just relaxing on the beach.

The beach. I am a fan.

I also like taking Mommy's chair.

Are you sure these waves aren't going to hurt me?

My mom made the kids "sand" for dessert one night. It was delicious, and they thought it was hilarious.

Hanging out at the Naval Museum after we saw the Blue Angels practice.

Our children wouldn't cooperate, so we took a couple picture.

Ready for take-off!

I don't care what we're doing. Just hold me.
More hanging at the beach.

Hiding seashells in my pocket.

Ahh...I love my tent.

The sand makes me sleepy. Okay...everything makes me sleepy.

Gotta wear my shades.

Let's go people. I'm driving!