Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's the Most Wonderful Time

 I just love seeing these four so excited about Christmas. This has been such a fun year. The girls love finding Christmas decorations and yelling out "Christmas," and I may have taken them to Hobby Lobby a few times just to see them flip out. Sidenote: Half the time they call Santa Christmas, so when they yell it out it's because they saw him. We're working on that.

 These sweet boys. Be still my heart. Max begged to wear this tie all week long, and he was so excited when I said it was time. He may still wear it randomly. And mostly without a shirt on. the pose. 

My main thrill in life is a punny gift tag, and this year I had fun with them. I saw this idea for studs on the Pinterest Told Me To blog, and then I just had to add a Studly gift tag...ha!

 Easiest gift ever...I made some little tags for coloring books. Score.

 These are slinkies. I know they technically jiggle instead of jump, but I went with it.

 An oldie but goodie.

 I kept it simple for the boys' teachers. Who doesn't like Sonic Happy Hour?

Christmas Parties! I knew Ben wasn't going to want to leave me once he saw me, so he just came to Max's class for their party. He was happy. Max was happy. Mama was happy.
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