Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bass Pro Pyramid

My family visited the couple days before Thanksgiving, and we had a fun time showing them around Memphis. We took them to the Peabody, some fun places to eat, and of course these days the new must see...the Bass Pro Pyramid...ha! We thought we would catch Santa, so we wore some Christmas clothes, but sadly he was back at the North Pole getting ready. We still has fun looking around, watching them feed the fish, and exploring Santa Land!

 Trying to get everyone looking...Addie has the sorority girl pose down pat.

 Watching them feed the fish with Uncle Zach, Mimi, and Aunt Hailey.

 We're going to call it a day on these.

 Writing Letters to Santa



 Ben was more into the trains

 And this awesome race track.

 Mailing letters with our soon to be Aunt Amy II...yes, we're going to have to work on that name. We call her Zamy at the moment, but that can't last forever.

More race track fun with Uncle Zach.
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