Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast 2015

I'm still a little behind on the last couple months, but in November the boys had a Thanksgiving feast at their school. The teachers do it up big and roast turkeys and serve the whole meal to the students and their families (they let us bring our Mimi) after a Thanksgiving party in the room. Max was all about it, and Ben wasn't really feeling it, which pretty much sums up a lot of party situations in our lives. Ben doesn't particularly like big crowds and new people, so he's content just to hang out with his people. I know the feeling, little man!

 Matching Daddy and ready to be a pilgrim

 All the boys together

The girls weren't allowed at the feast, but we need to have a record of these super cute turkey outfits. And as a side note...Emmie looks like she's pouting, but she's actually just super distracted. Not that it would be a big stretch if she were... Two-year-olds are pouting experts.

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