Saturday, December 12, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge is such a fun place! We headed there with Papa and Aunt Amy in November, and we had a blast. It's basically a giant indoor (and outdoor when it isn't November) water park inside a wilderness lodge, mixed together with an arcade, fun activities for kids, restaurants, and nightly bedtime stories. There are lots of things to keep kiddos busy, and busy is what we were. We definitely tired them out every day (although not enough that it didn't take them until 10:30 every night to go to bed). I can't wait to go back!

Now for a million photos. Or 45. But that's still a lot.

All ready and checked in!

 Emma's ready to party

 Max and Wiley

 Addie, Aunt Amy, and Wiley

 Despite appearances, Ben is having a fabulous time in the arcade.

 Glitter tattoos!

 I joked on Instagram that Max got a tatoo and instantly got a tough guy attitude. I took 10 pictures, and he looks like this in every single one.



 Ben and Wiley
He wants nothing to do with the "live" characters, but he'll cozy up to a statue any day.

 Aunt Amy and Ben

 This is about as close as he would get. But he and Sammy the Squirrel apparently formed a deep relationship in this moment.

 Story time in our jammies!

 Ben preferred to watch from a safe distance.

 I mean that kid popping out of the log isn't super normal...I don't blame the kid.

 Max and Violet

 Max and Addie ready to swim

 Papa and Ben. Ben is not a fan of the water (to put it lightly), so he was in shut down mode. He spent a majority of the time wandering around the hotel with Papa (and taking him to the gift shop...cough cough) while we took the other 3 kids to the water park. 

 Addie and Max: Character Fans
Ben and Emmie: If you come too close I will cut you.

 Ready for story time with our animals!

 Max: Good

 Addie: Good

 Emmie and Ben: Not Happening

 Smiling because I told him he could get out if he did.

 We tried to get pedicures during nap time, and a tornado came through the area. We ended up evacuating to a safe area...while the kids were huddled in the bathtub back in our room.

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