Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of "School"

First Day of Mother's Day Out 2013
Max and Ben started Mother's Day Out at our church last week, and so far they seem to really be enjoying it.Max tends to get a bit stir crazy being home so much these days, so I love that he gets a chance to get out and play with other kids his age. Ben is younger than Max was when he started, but I think he is having fun too. Here's to a great year!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The instaLife

So I know Instagram is nothing new. I signed up for an account a couple of years back and never used it. Why you ask? Because I'm crazy, and sometimes my OCD tendencies get the best of me. When I got an account, Max was about 10 months old. It drove me crazy to think about the fact that I hadn't started instagramming when he was first born, so I just avoided the whole thing all together.

Like I said...crazy.

I finally decided a few months back that I was going to just have to get over the whole thing and go with it. I am not sure why I held out so long, but it's so much fun! And since I've been pretty MIA on the blog lately, I thought this would be a good way to catch up.'s the last couple months in our instaLife...with a few iPhone pics mixed in. I like to live on the edge like that. I know.

You want to be me.

 Ben steals the bouncy whenever he gets the chance.
Even if he isn't really sure what it's for.

 Brothers ready for church.

Oh this child.

 He cried and cried while I was changing the girls until he just crawled into the corner and fell asleep.
Poor guy!

 Sweet girls. 
These are two of my favorite outfits.

Pirate cookie at the Farmer's Market.

 Buzz and Woody.

 You know...just eating celery.

 Chuck E Cheese
This place may as well be Disney World as far as Max is concerned.

 Our Littlest Ranger Fans


Building himself a "friend."
We really need to get out more.

First day at Church



All four kiddos.
Emmie left, Addie right.
Bed Head.
This is what happens when you style your hair with lotion.

First time out with the quad stroller.
Mike had already left, so I had to call my neighbor to help me get it in the car.
This sucker weighs 75 lbs, and has a brake system more complicated than my car.
But it's awesome.

Morning smiles (kinda). E left, A right

Robot arm

My mom bought these bows before the girls were born.
I think she got a little carried away.
Addie being cool.

This is Ben asleep.

This is how Max decided to wake him up for me.
It wasn't working.
Second week at church.

It wears them out.

Mr. Ben is teething. A lot.
This means afternoon snuggles while everyone else is asleep.

He hasn't had peanut butter yet...but I think he wants to.

Tummy Time

Ready for a trip to Target.
When all six of us go anywhere together we cause a bit of a scene.
four kids under three + transracial adoption + twin girls = spectacle

Ready for church!

Emmie all smiles

  Addie smiles, too

  He cracks me up.

I love that smile.

Rocking the Hogs shirt.
His Grumps would be proud.

"I look all cool now."
Yeah, buddy. You do.

"It's a birthday hat!"


Ready for church.
Our sweet friend Larissa made their outfits!

My stylin' almost three-year-old.

Ben. My little character.



Mondays wear him out.
Sweet girls at church. A left, E right.
Emmie tends to react more to a camera being in her face!