Friday, April 18, 2014

Cute Pics of Cute Kids

Or at least I think so...

 Max all ready for church.

 Sweet brothers.

 Ben loves to cheese.



 I asked him to say cheese...

 I was waiting to put the boys down for nap. I looked over and Ben had decided to put himself down for nap in his "spot." Out. Cold.

 They managed to get the dishwasher open.

 Ready for the easter egg hunt at MDO.  Oh those faces.

 Sweet girls...Addie left, Emmie right

 Max at church for Good Friday service

Ben at Good Friday service



Three out of four of our kids like mashed potatoes. 
I wonder which ones??


Family Fun Day

Last week we had a family fun day at the zoo. We took a lunch and had such a fun time. Here's hoping we have many more days at the zoo this summer!


More April Snapshots

Hanging out at the pandas with PaPa.

Too cool for school

Hanging out ready to eat

Just another shot of Ben sleeping on the couch. Half the time when I say it's time for bed he goes and climbs up in his spot on the couch to see if he can get away with it.

Max fast asleep...

Getting big fast...

And getting into trouble.

I have no idea.




A Few April Snapshots

 My first trip to WalMart with all four kids alone. Not only did we survive...we did it without tears!

 My mom bought this little guy and brought him for the boys to play with. He's a "Melting Bunny." You build him and then he melts. It sounds silly, but it is SO fun and addicting. I don't think my mom intended for us to keep him, but I think it was hard to resist Max. I find the melty little dude in some strange spots...

 I've been going to the park with the kids some, and I have a system down. It involves Max doing some heavy lifting, but he is happy to help!

 An Addie photo bomb...

Emmie left, Addie right
These faces CRACK me up!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Addie and Emmie at 10 Months

(Addie left, Emmie right)

Addie and Emmie you are TEN months old! Or you were on March 20th that is...

 I mean seriously. Double digit time already...blows my mind! You are both just so fun, and we are so thankful for you. Here are a few things you are doing at 10 months...

You both make some pretty silly faces (see exhibits A and B).

You both wave hello and goodbye. Addie you prefer the Miss America wave.

You are both getting around really well. Addie you like to army crawl, and Emmie you look like you are doing the worm when you crawl. You push yourself up really high with your arms and then fling yourself forward as far as you can.

Emmie you mastered sitting up and then went straight on to learn how to go from laying down to sitting up by yourself. Addie you waited a couple of weeks and then learned too!

Emmie you have your first tooth. No sign of teeth for you yet Addie.

You are both getting a little more hair, but Addie you are rocking the faux hawk. It's pretty amazing.

No more baby food for you. You are eating mostly table food now. Whew!



Until next month baby girls!