Monday, August 25, 2014

Sweet Summer Time

Summer around here means there isn't just a ton going on. And I mean that in a "it's still ridiculous around here every day because there are four small children living in my house" kinda way. Since things around here have been...hectic...I leave you with a random group of pictures of our summer comings and goings. So basically, the same post I have done monthly since the girls were born. Whatever works, right??

Because being on top of the table is just more fun (Emmie).

And because a sweater vest makes everything better.

What do you get when you refuse to nap?

A trip to Sam's and a pretzel to share. Score.

All dressed and ready for church (E left).

All dressed and ready for superhero work. Or to eat lobster.

Hanging out eating a cereal bar (Addie). 

Hanging out in a movie theater eating whatever we want, because we don't have to share.

A group pic with some cute kiddos (Emmie left).

A group pic with a bunch of ladies doing a bathroom mirror selfie on a church scavenger hunt. 
We totally beat the guys. Bad.

Sometimes pictures don't go the way you think they will (Addie).

Sometimes days don't go like you think they will (E on the table).

That one time Ben ate lettuce instead of sugar.

That one time they all ate plastic food together (A left).

Looking grown up in her Strawberry Shortcake shirt (Addie).

Looking for Ben and found him in my closet sitting in a tiny shopping cart.

Cool Addie.

Cool Emmie.

Ben joining in the sunglass fun.

Max joining in the birthday fun (even though his birthday is still weeks away) by declaring it Woody's birthday. Woody got the birthday banner and candles, but Max got the cookies.

Emmie ready for church.

Addie ready for church.

Post nap selfie with mommy.

Max's picture with daddy's face. 

Brotherly love.

Sisterly affection...for having her picture taken (Emmie).

Why would you give us fruit leather? Why is it so delicious but so hard to chew? Why does it hate me??? - Addie

Gobble. Gobble. - Emmie


Saturday, August 02, 2014

July in Texas

In July, Mike went to youth camp with our church, so the kids and I headed to Texas. We stayed super busy and had a great time. I'm sure we'll head back again soon...ish. Until next time Texas...

We headed out to Hawaiian Falls with the kiddos. It was so fun!

The girls fell asleep the second I put them in the stroller. There were worn out for sure.


We took lots of naps on the go...

You haven't lived until you've eaten tacos out of box. I love Don Juan's Romantic Mexican Food.

Playing at the mall

Hanging out with Aunt Hailey

Having dinner in Bishop Arts. The girls loved the herbed popcorn. So did I.

Being silly at Papa's house

Hanging out with friends at the park and splash pad

Snow Cones!