Monday, May 23, 2016

Easter 2016

Is everyone smiling? Success. L to R: Max, Addie, Emmie, Ben

Easter has come and gone. If I did that new thing where everyone chooses a goal word for the year, mine for 2016 would be LATISH. Don't's a word. I googled it, so it has to be true. I tend to actually be quite punctual in real life, but I just can't get it together when it comes to things like chronicling our life here for two people to read. But hey...someday I'm going to have this blog for my kids to look through, which they would do if they weren't busy with their flying cars and whatnot. 

Moving on, this spring has been full of fun, church, baseball, school, birthdays, events, family visits and all the things I love but that leave me chronically latish here on the ol' blog. So, without further ado our Easter back in told at the end of May.

Max and Ben had their Easter parties at school. They each hunted easter eggs with their class, and then had parties in their classrooms. They always have fun, and I always run back and forth trying to look like I'm totally involved in both classes. The good news is, they are eating cupcakes and they don't really notice me coming and going because frosting.

And carrots. Lots of nutritional carrots.

Ben and his sweet friend Abbey

Working hard hunting and gathering

We had a little egg hunt with some neighborhood friends, so the girls got in on the action too.

I made little treats for the boys' teachers, because there aren't a lot of things in this world better than a Reese's Egg. My friends and I have discussed this at length (because thats normal), and we think it's the peanut butter to chocolate ratio. It's fantastic.

We did some fun activities with our Aunt Amy while she was here, including dying eggs and making resurrection rolls. With resurrection rolls you wrap a marshmallow inside a roll and it melts when you cook it to represent Jesus' tomb being empty on Easter morning. (Yes...Jesus is a marshmallow...just go with it). We (ok...the two-year-olds in the house), may have had a small breakdown and refused to eat them bc they couldn't find the marshmallow when they were done. Fail. But hey...there's always next year. I'll let you know in fall 2018.

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