Friday, July 31, 2009

School's Back For the Autumn

When I was younger, I would wait with anticipation for the school supplies to be put out on the shelves. Finally, my mom would take us to pick our stuff out, and I would bring it home and spend the next few weeks stacking it all up, unstacking it, and stacking it up again. I'm not exactly sure what all the stacking did, but I'm sure it was very beneficial in making me the slightly OCD person I am today.

Now that I work in a school, though, I have to admit that this sight strikes fear into my heart.

Okay, maybe fear is a strong word. More like a dull ache that reminds me that I am not a woman of leisure. I love my job, I love working in a school, and I really do like getting up and doing more with my day than watching episodes of Bones and doing laundry. But when this stuff starts popping up at Target it means that summer vacation is almost over. And I do love summer.

I do, however, still get excited about some school supplies. I mean, have you seen the Vera Bradley stuff? Super cute. And you know that if anything is going to get me excited about school it's Vera.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, our first anniversary (together, that is) was a success! We made up for all of those lost anniversary dinners by going to 3Forks. Yum. And more yum. Yum with a cherry on top. Well, more like a steak on top. We had a fabulous time, and it was fun going somewhere different. I only took one picture of us the entire night. The rest of the pictures are of the food, which is slightly embarrassing. But, really, are you super surprised? I didn't think so.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Prayer Warriors Needed

Update 2: My dad is out of surgery and doing well. They took out the muscle in his back like they were planning to, but they didn't have to do a skin graft like they thought. So far so good. The surgeon said he had never seen anyone lose as much of their posterior leg before, but it could have been a lot worse! Thank you for the prayers. He will be in ICU for a few days, so I'll let you know how it goes.

Update: They are three hours into the surgery, and so far things are going well. The doctor said they didn't have to take out his fibula after all. BIG PRAISE! They are currently in the "reconstruction" phase where they are taking the muscle from the back, etc. Please keep the prayer coming.

I haven't updated lately about my dad, but tomorrow is finally the big day. He goes into surgery tomorrow to remove the cancer from his leg.

The surgery has been delayed several times now for various reasons, the latest being that a plastic surgeon had to be brought in on the surgery since it will be much more intense than originally thought. Because the chemo and radiation didn't really do what they wanted it to do, the surgery has to be a lot more intensive.

Basically, the doctors are removing the tumor, the muscle around it, and the fibula. As of right now we are hoping the tibia (that other bone in the lower leg) is okay. Doctors will be taking a large muscle out of my dad's back and placing it in the leg to give it some support. This means they will be trying to connect all the blood vessels etc. in the leg to the new muscle. However, since he has had radiation, it will be harder for the new muscle to be accepted by the leg. So, basically, after 24 hours if the muscle hasn't "taken," they will most likely amputate the leg right above the knee.

Please join my family in prayer tomorrow. Specifically:
1. That the cancer cells would be completely removed from my dad's body
2. That the outcome of the surgery is what is best for long-term survival (that the muscle is accepted by the leg only if that is what is best in the long run).
3. That my dad is able to adjust to his new circumstances whatever they may be.
4. That God gets all the glory no matter the outcome.

Thank you so much! I'll keep you updated.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Day

This is a very big day for us in the McDonough household. Not only is it our anniversary, but it is our first anniversary to spend together! That's right, every other anniversary Mike has been out of town for church related business.

The funny thing is, I was supposed to be out of town today, and I think he was pretty excited about it. Because then it wouldn't just be him always leaving on our anniversary. But, that didn't work out, so here we are. Having to actually spend our anniversary together. I have to admit that I am not really sure what I am supposed to do...usually I spend the night in front of the television. We do have reservations for dinner tonight, so I am super excited about that!

Happy Anniversary, Mike! I am so thankful that God put you in my life! Frankly, you may just be the only person that could put up with me. And that's what I love about you! Oh, and all that other stuff, too.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Guac Mobile

Before yesterday I though there was only one very large vehicle designed to look like your favorite food. The Weinermobile. But I was wrong. Last night, I saw the Guac Mobile. Now, I am definitely making that name up, but I thought it had some pizazz. I should probably get a job naming all large vehicles designed to look like giant food. I would be bankin'.

Now, the Guac mobile isn't technically as cool as the Weinermobile, since it has to be pulled around by a truck. But I am an equal opportunity foodist. Plus, the Weinermobile had that whole unfortunate accident recently. Can you imagine sitting on your couch and having the Weinermobile crash through the wall? Somebody better be getting some free bacon for life. And some cold cuts.

Back to the Guac Mobile. I do love some guacamole, so I was super excited that they were at the Rangers game last night. They were outside the gate giving out free guacamole and chips. Heaven in a little paper bowl.

Wholly Guacamole (best name ever) was out at the ballpark for National Hot Dog Day. Obviously the Weinermobile seems the more obvious choice, but they were probably afraid they'd accidentally take out the side of the stadium. So, guacamole it was.

Inside the park, they were passing out free guacamole with every hot dog, which frankly kind of weirded me out. I will eat guacamole on a lot of things. Chips. Hamburgers. Salad. Mashed Potatoes. Waffles. But hot dogs? We have to draw the line somewhere people. What's next? Mustard on fajitas? I think not.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Calm and Cool

I ordered this print on Etsy a few months ago, and I finally framed it today. It probably should have been custom framed and matted, but please. This works just fine. I love it! And I find it quite appropriate...for everybody!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ranch Hands

Last weekend we went on our "mini-vacation" with some of our very best friends. Jessica's family has a ranch down in central Texas, so we went down there. It was a blast. We always love hanging out with Jess and Seth, but we don't get to do it near enough. Lindsey and Bryan (the Lewis' friends from college who ended up moving to Texas) were there, too. We have really enjoyed getting to know them. They are so fun!

It was a great, relaxing trip. We hung out at the ranch, went shopping in Salado (hot!), and went to dinner and a movie in Kileen. We also ate a LOT of cookies and smores!

The only slightly scary thing about the whole trip was the massive amount of grasshoppers that were EVERYWHERE. And let me tell you what. When they hit you in the face and neck at 20 miles per hurts.

Getting ready to go out on the ranch and look for heifers. Yup...that's just what we do.

More Gator shots...

Mike and a preggo donkey.

The dinner table out on the porch. That's the life.

The guy's version of "shopping" in Salado.

Bryan and Lindsey at the river.

Mike and Seth crossing the river.

More river...

At the tiny chapel. This is where Jess and Seth got engaged...

Random picture from the Baylor bookstore on the way down there.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pie is Not My Forte

I decided last week that at the ripe age of 27 it was high time that I start contributing when my family gets together. And what do you contribute when there is a funeral? Food of course. And lots of it.

Now, the last time I contributed to a family event was holiday season a few years ago. I was in charge of the green bean casserole. One tiny little mishap and the whole thing was upside down in the middle of my hot oven. Not good.

Well, seeing as how I am much older and wiser now, you would think the whole thing would have gone a lot better. You would think that, wouldn't you?

Turns out, I will always just be me. Although I managed to turn out a pasta salad and two pies, it was not without casualties. This is what happens when you accidently turn on your Kitchen Aid when your chocolate covered beaters are up in the air. The pictures don't really do justice to the mess that was my kitchen.

Frankly, the fact that I made the mess and immediately ran for my camera is the real story here. Apparently I'm crazy. But you already knew that.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Mike and I are technically on vacation (or a staycation, really) right now, but it has been a long time since I posted last. We haven't been home much in the past two weeks, so I need to catch up.

As some of you know, my grandmother passed away last week after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Although she moved away a few years ago, and I didn't see her nearly as much as when I was little, she will be greatly missed. Just a few things I remember about her:

1. She could sew a mean jumper…I have pictures from the 90s to prove it.
2. When I was a teenager, I wanted to get my ears pierced a second time, and she said that she would take me when my mom wasn’t looking. I’m pretty sure that she told me we would go to an R-rated movie on the way home, too. She was nothing if not adventurous.
3. I think she was the only person I knew that had make-up tattooed on her face. No lie. Lip liner and eye liner. That's just how she rolled.

I love you, Grandma Sherry!

Monday, July 06, 2009

I don't like cats, but I liked this book

I have a confession to make. I know I am a librarian, and I should probably support great pieces of literature that make you ponder your existence at every turn of the page. But I don't. When I read, I want it to be light. And fluffy. And preferably happy. Now, I realize that that may make some of you gasp. And sometimes I get down with the heavy reads. But usually not.

It helps that I am an elementary school librarian and spend a lot of my time reading books reviewed for fourth and fifth graders. But let me tell you what- they can really suck you in.

Well, I work in the church library once a month, and yesterday as I was shelving I noticed a series that looked kind of interesting. I checked it out, and I am already done with the first book. So good! I really enjoyed it. I thought it had the right amount of humor, romance, and mischief to keep the plot humming along.

I really appreciate Christian fiction that can tell a good story without making you feel like the author took a sermon and inserted some dialogue here and there. There are really a bunch of great Christian authors out there today. Check them out!

PS: The book is Boo by Rene Gutteridge. I'm off to start the second book!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Endings...but not really

If you are as nosey as I am, you are probably wondering why I haven't talked much about fertility stuff lately. So, hear it is. All at once. The whole shebang.

As some of you know, we began fertility treatments in January. We had two IUIs back to back within two months, and they both failed. We had to take a month off, and then started over again. We ended up having the next two months cancelled due to too may follicles, too many cysts, etc. Finally, in May, we had our third IUI, which also failed.

We were both very determined when we started treatments that we were not going to be long-term fertility patients. Before we started, we prayerfully considered what our limits would be and at what point we would stop. We have reached that point.

Despite what you may assume, we are filled with excitement these days (and a little stress...ha!). We feel that God is calling us to a very specific path as we grow our family, and we covet your prayers as we strive to discern His will in our lives. More information to come...

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I'm Basically a Four-Year-Old

So, I have been trying to eat a lot better lately, and for the most part I have succeeded. But tonight Mike wanted a cupcake from the Cupcakery, and that peanut butter and chocolate cupcake was calling my name. I have never tasted anything so wonderful. And judging from the picture, it had been awhile since I had anything sweet.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Guest Room is a Mess

Two posts in one day! It's like Christmas morning! If your Christmas morning includes a mildly crazy blogger. Anyways, I have been working on a project for three days straight, and I am done!

My principal asked me to scrap (that's code for cover with glue and paper) notebooks for the staff to receive as a "Welcome Back to School" gift. I'm not going to lie: it stressed me out a little. But then I remembered that A) I have nothing better to do and B) I can never say no so I may as well get used to doing random projects for people for the rest of my life. Actually, it was pretty fun. Plus, I watched Princess Protection Program twice while I was working. That was all the payment I needed.

Here's the final result: 72 sort-of-well crafted notebooks. Click on the picture to see them bigger.

If you want to make them yourself, they are super easy. If I hadn't made a big fat 72 of them, I could have added monograms, embellishments, ribbons, etc. You can make them as simple or as fancy as you want.

Here are a few tips. After the first thirty I started to get the hang of it:

1. Start by cutting a piece of paper to the size of the notebook. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge or other glue DIRECTLY to the NOTEBOOK and then position the paper on top. Smooth out wrinkles.

2. Add whatever extra papers or embellishments you want. You want to put the glue on the backs of your extra papers this time, not directly onto the notebook.

3. I wouldn't put a "top coat" of Mod Podge on them. In my opinion, it's not really worth it and can make the paper look kind of strange.

A few more:

PS: My hand looks very strange in that picture. It's because I am not left handed, but I wanted to have an "action shot." Oh well...

Not much

I sincerely apologize for my lack of postings this summer. I was just sure that as soon as school was out I would be posting everyday and coming up with very witty things to say. The thing is, my life is kind of boring. I really haven't done all that much, besides the occasional Ranger game or trip to see my family.

Things still aren't looking that great on the pants front. Luckily, it's summer so it's almost 9:00 and I am still wearing pajama pants. And I haven't brushed my teeth. Just being honest. I have been working on a little project that has turned my living room into something that resembles Hobby Lobby, so I'll show you that soon.

Other than that, I'm out. Off to find my toothbrush. Not really, but I thought it might make you feel better.