Sunday, June 30, 2013

Newborn Pictures

When the girls were about a week old we had their newborn pictures done. I love love love them. We also attempted to get a group shot of all four kids. It was a little tricky, but our photographer did a great job. Thank you Amy Mac Photography! 

 Emmie left, Addie right




Emmie left, Addie right

Emmie left, Addie right

Emmie left, Addie right

Emmie left, Addie right

Emmie left, Addie right


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Month in iPhone Pictures

Life has definitely gotten a little crazier around here the past month (no surprise there!), so I haven't had my "big" camera out as much as I would like. I do snap pictures on my phone all day, though, so at least I'm not completely falling behind. Here are a few (ok, a lot...A LOT) of pictures from our lives the past month or so...

 Snuggling sisters...Addie left, Emmie right

 Swaddled up...E left, A right

 Emmie just hanging out

Emmie giving us a "smile"

 Max is a fan of his sisters

 Emmie being impressed by something

 Addie being impressed by something

 Bubble time!

 Life is hard...E left, A right

 Thinking hard...E left, A right (I think!)


 E left, A waving to the camera

 Max and Ben...Memorial Day Pride!

 A top, E bottom

 E left, A right

 Emmie giving Addie a kiss

 Hanging with Mimi...E left, A right

 Emmie fast asleep

 Addie fast asleep

 Addie getting ready for pictures

 Emmie giving Addie a little pat

 Ben...always a fan of food!

 Proud of his outfit.
 They seriously love making this face
A left, E right

 E left, A right

 A left, E right

 E top, A bottom

 Addie picking Emmie's nose...awesome

 Before...E left, A right


 Addie's up to something

 A left, E right

 Max wanted his picture with his sister (Addie)

 Ben thought he was hot stuff bc everyone else was asleep

 A left, E right

 What do you mean these are for babies??
I'm a baby!

 Here comes trouble!

 Sweet boy ready for church

 Rockin' the footed PJs...E left, A right

 He is obsessed with his cowboy boots...and 95 degree weather

 Emmie wide awake

 A left, E right (someone is catching up in the weight department!)

 Max "sharing" his hat with Emmie
 Cowboy boots again...and his new backpack from Aunt Jan

 Lightning McQueen

 Someone doesn't want to go to bed

 Pausing for an alligator cookie break at the Farmer's Market
And yes, he's wearing his cowboy boots

 Sweet Emmie

 Sweet Addie
  No paci? No problem