Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Little Monkey's a lot harder to find time to blog these days! But...I know that before long I'll be wishing this little guy would quit growing so fast (I'm kind of already there), so I'm just savoring this time even if it means exhaustion and craziness! That's the fun part, right?

The last of our family went home Monday, so Max and I have had a lot of fun this week just hanging out together. He had a doctor's appointment Monday, and the little guy had gained 14 ounces in ONE WEEK! Hopefully he won't continue that trend, or he's going to be a giant. I think he just had some catching up to do.

We are headed out for an adventure today...I'll tell you all about it soon! Here are a few pictures of the little monkey. I need to get better at taking pictures now that my mom isn't here to do it!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Max...The Long Version

Whew! Yes, we are all alive and well. Things are starting to settle into a bit of a schedule around here, or at least as much of a schedule as a newborn can have!

Before I get into life now, though, I thought I would tell Max's birth story. Yes, this may be the longest post ever, and there are probably details you don't want to know, so feel free to scroll to cute baby pictures at the bottom. Two weeks ago today, I went to my normal doctor's appointment following my trip to the hospital and bedrest (for all of one day). I really thought the doctor would tell me that my blood pressure was still high but that we would keep waiting it out and continue the bedrest. So...imagine our surprise when he came in and told us we were going to walk over to the hospital and have a baby! I was starting to show more signs of preeclampsia, and he decided it was safer for everyone if we went ahead and induced. All of the sudden it became very, very real that we weren't ever going home again without Mr. Max!

A few hours later, we were checked into the hospital, inducement had started, and contractions were kicking in. Oh! And it was Mike's birthday, which he was pretty excited about. So we waited. And waited. And waited. And...nothing. About 9 o'clock or so that night, they stopped the pitocin and the labor and decided to try again the next day after I had eaten and slept. I'm not gonna lie. The entire time I was pregnant I was worried that I was going to end up having a baby on September 11. It really isn't that big of deal looking back, but it's just not exactly the happiest day in our nation's history. But now it is one of the happiest day's in our family's history, so it all worked out!

Friday...still looking good(ish)

Anywho, on Saturday bright and early, we started back up the pitocin and got things rolling. A little while later they broke my water, things starting progressing, and pretty soon I was ready for that epidural! It took them a few tries and a broken blood vessel, but we got it going. That first hour after I got it was the best...ever. I was feeling good. And then I wasn't. I started getting "patchy" pain and after trying different medicines for a few hours, they decided to re-do it. So, second epidural. It wasn't long after that that the pain starting getting really intense in one area of my abdomen. No matter what medicine they tried it just wasn't going away. A few tears may have been shed...ha! In the middle of all this, I stalled out in my labor and it became pretty clear that I was going to have to have a c-section. So, they started pumping me full of the drugs to get ready for that. And...nothing! That's right, people. The anesthesiologist was stumped I tell you. You should have seen the look on his face when I told him I could feel him pinching my stomach.

So...with so many drugs already in my system and me still feeling stuff, he uttered the dreaded words. General Anesthesia. My mind flashed to the nurses in our childbirth class briefly going over what happened if they had to put you to sleep and not to worry too much because it was pretty rare. Awesome. I'm not going to lie. I pretty much broke down the second he left the room, because I knew I would miss my sweet baby coming into this world. Oh, I was so so sad.'s what had to happen. 5:50 that night with me knocked out and Mike waiting outside, Max came into this world! Mike got to see him fairly quickly, and then everyone got to watch as he got his bath, etc. I was still fast asleep somewhere in recovery, but luckily everyone took lots of pictures for me. At about 8:30 that night I finally got to meet Mr. Max, and we've been getting to know each other ever since!

Mike meeting Max for the first time!

After his first bath...seriously...he could be on SNL with that conehead.
It went away, but it just looked so sad. I can't get over how big he looks here!

Our first family picture the next day. Mike just loves the banana outfit...ha!

I was on drugs for awhile for my blood pressure, so we stayed in labor and delivery for awhile, but we made it to our new room by Sunday afternoon. I was super sore and not feeling so hot, but I was determined to get up and walk and show them I was doing just fine. By Monday I was begging my doctor to let me go home, and on Monday afternoon we did! Whew! That was a deserve some cute baby pictures!

More pictures soon! I feel like he's already looking so much different just in the past few days!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He's Here!

Weston Maxwell
September 11, 2010
5:50 p.m.
8 lbs 1 oz ~ 20.5 inches


Thursday, September 09, 2010

Thursday...The Day of Rest

Today has been pretty low key. Last night my blood pressure got pretty high, so they went ahead and sent me into the hospital to get checked out. After spending some time in triage hooked up to monitors and having tests run, they decided to send me home. Although my blood pressure is a concern, there are no other indications that anything is wrong, and they really want me to get past the 38 week mark. So, bedrest for me. At least until my appointment tomorrow, where I'm really hoping he says I can get up and move around as long as I take it easy. Apparently lying around doing nothing isn't nearly as fun as it seems like it would be!

In the meantime, I'm busy thinking about all the things I could be doing! Like pulling out my fall decor. Need some fall inspiration? The Inspired Room's Fall Nesting Party is going on, and there are some really cute ideas. Have I mentioned how much I love pumpkins?


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Getting Closer

Well, my doctor informed me several times that Labor Day was not for labor, and I did not disappoint. Max is still sitting tight. Bill and Amy, Mike's dad and sister, came in for the weekend, and we had a great time. They brought us our stuff from the shower we had in Dallas, so now everything is all put away and ready to go. They also helped us move furniture around and put things away in the new space upstairs, so things are looking pretty normal around here these days. Normal is good.

In other news, I told my mom a few weeks ago that I realized I didn't have a single thing with Max's name on it. You know Rhonda was not going to let that fly! I'm pretty sure she immediately started looking up personalized baby gear. So...between the couple of cute things she got us and a few surprise gifts from people, this guy's name is suddenly all over the place!

Cute Cloth Diapers From a Neighbor

Adorable Shoes From My Mom

PJs From My Mom

A Fun Frame From Aunt Amy

His name on the shelf in his nursery. More nursery pictures coming soon...
I am still waiting on just a few things!

Friday, September 03, 2010

37 Weeks!

(I'm going for puffy chic)

It's a day early, but we have made it to full term! I had a doctor's appointment today, and without being too "medical"y (real word) and graphic let's just say Max is 100 percent not interested in making his arrival anytime soon!

My blood pressure is getting higher and higher, though, so we are keeping an eye on it. It's frustrating, because up until two or three weeks ago it was pretty much perfect! Most likely Max'll be staying put for awhile to keep growing and maturing as much as possible, but if my bp keeps going up we may have to reconsider. Either way, it's wonderful to know that he is full term and can come safely! We'd just rather him make his appearance when he's good and ready. Unless that means October 15...then we may need to talk.

And that's why people in WalMart stare


Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I can't believe September is here! I am excited about it for several reasons, the most important of which is the fact that Max will be here this month! In one way it seems like I have been pregnant pretty much forever, but then it seems to have flown by also! We shall see when he will make his big debut! My mom informed me today that my family has made their guesses, and I am definitely going to try to comply with my sister's request that Max's arrival does not wake her up in the middle of the night. I aim to please.

The other reason I am so excited it's September? Because it means I can start thinking about decorating for fall without people thinking I'm a lunatic! Although with highs in the 90s still in the forecast I should probably hold off a few more weeks. But I won't! All my fall craziness began a few years ago, and it has definitely become my favorite time of year. I know that a lot of you agree with me! There's just something about the weather changing, the activities, and the pumpkins. Oh the pumpkins. They make me happy. This is one of my all time faves...

Fall 2008...Love

I haven't decided to what extent I can or want to decorate this year, but since we were in a rent house last year and barely decorated (we were only there 6 weeks and everything was chaos) I feel like I need (want) to! We shall see. Oh...and if pumpkin spice lattes come in's on.