Tuesday, July 28, 2015

VBS 2015

Summer has blown by! It's been a busy one for us. There has been lots of traveling, camps, and mission trips. We got rid of pacifiers (all of them!), and now we are working on potty training (just Ben...for now). One of my favorite things about summer is Vacation Bible School, and this year did not disappoint. We all had a blast, and the week ended with the guys in our family getting fancy new haircuts. Every year the boys and girls have a missions offering competition. And every year the girls win...which means Mike loses. He's had pie in his face, his head shaved, water thrown on him. This year they bumped it up a notch with the mohawk. He was a great sport, and everyone at church thought it was hilarious. Our boys thought it was hilarious, and they wanted to match daddy too. The mohawks are long gone now (two months later), but they were fun while they lasted!

 VBS Family Fun Night!

 (Ben was a lot happier than he looks...I promise.)

 Emmie just acted on what we all felt like doing by Friday!