Friday, December 18, 2015

Wacky Waco

After Great Wolf Lodge in November, we packed the boys off to grandpa's house for the day while the girls took a day trip to Waco. I went back to Waco for homecoming the year after I graduated from Baylor (2004 if anyone is counting), but other than that I really haven't been back. I always wanted to, but I just never got the chance. Living in another state will do that to you! 

I was anxious to go back and see the campus and how much Waco had changed, but getting to visit the new Magnolia Silos was what really pushed it over the edge. We definitely had to go check it out. We had a blast, and I can't wait to go back!

 NINFAS...aka...the best Mexican food there ever was.
I dream about this green sauce.

 Hailey (my sister), Me, and Amy (my sister-in-law) at Spice.

 At Spice with my girls. They were super into pictures.

 Sweet girls at Spice

 We made it to the Silos!

 My mom and was crowded for sure.

 The actual store was pretty small, so my sister hung out outside with the girls.

 We had to go see Harp Design Co. too of course.

Checking out the bear pit on campus with Emmie

 Cheering in the Baylor Bookstore

 The BEST coffee

 One last stop at Collins Street Bakery

 Emmie is a fan.

Addie too.
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