Thursday, December 23, 2010

Looking Like Christmas

I didn't get around to joining any of the fun Christmas tours this year, but I thought I'd better add at least a few decor pictures before the season is completely over. Just a little proof that I do more than sit around and take pictures of Max all day...although that's pretty fun too! I went simple and fast this garlands, no crafting. I just put up my favorite things and got on with it!

The tree. I LOVE our tree, but I'm still finding the best place for it in this house...

The topper

Baby's First Christmas

Fun Etta B snowman...I want to get a new Etta ornament every year!

Max's Snowman

The family room mantle. Yes, I know that's not my kid in the picture.

The other side of the mantle. My friend Destiny painted this for us last year as a housewarming present. I love it!

The family room stockings.

The living room mantle. I'm not sure why we need two sets of stockings, but just go with it. These are our "fancy" stockings...ha!

These were my Grandma's bells. They are the 12 days of Christmas.

My Willow Tree nativity. Every year I think I got the manger for Christmas the year before, and when I unpack it I just have the figures. But this past year I really did!

The front table...part the left.

The front table...part the right.
Dining Room

Just some snowflakes here and there...

Random you see me? Ha!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Newborn Pictures

Here are a few of Max's newborn pictures, taken when he was 8 days old. He's so tiny!

They were taken by Jennifer Tilghman. Check out her website here.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Three Months

Max, You are three months old!

I know that each month you will get more and more fun and animated, and we are definitely starting to see that. We love your sweet smile, and you are starting to just crack us up! Here are a few things you are doing this month:

-You are smiling a lot more and a lot more consistently.

-You have started "talking" to us a lot, and sometimes you even try to copy the sounds we make.

-You love your bouncer, which is funny because you went through a phase when you wanted nothing to do with it.

-You wear size 1-2 and size 2 diapers.

-You are starting to outgrow some of your 0-3 month clothes, but you mostly wear 0-3 and 3 months. You can wear 6 month clothes, but they are a little baggy!

-You are sleeping great...most of the time.

-You have given up your pacifier, but you have found your thumb. You are definitely going to be a thumb sucker. You want NOTHING to do with that pacifier. At all.

-Your fourth month should be a lot of fun...especially with Christmas. You have absolutely NO idea, obviously, but you like to look at the lights on the Christmas tree. That's good, because next year you'll be 15 months old at Christmas, and lights may be the only thing we put on the tree!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tummy Time

I have been really bad about making Max do tummy time, so I decided yesterday was the day. He was playing under his play gym, so I went over and flipped him on his tummy just to see what he would do. And this is what he did:

He put his thumb in his mouth and went right to sleep. Ha! Maybe next time I should use a pillow to prop him up...


Sunday, December 05, 2010

Our Fancy Christmas

Last night we had our life group Christmas party at our house. We all came dressed to impress, and we had a great time!

Santa came, but he ended up sleeping through pretty much the whole party. That guy's lazy.

Some of the girls in their holiday finest. Ginger (on the right) came as a bathroom rug...ha!

Please take a moment to notice the frames in the background. I promise I have real pictures ordered to go in them!

Jenny and Laura Beth won for tackiest...I mean fanciest... outfits.

Our gag gift. Found this fantabulous Snuggie at Kohl's.

Our newly engaged couple. This was minutes before we tricked Nathan (make that the arachnophobe if that's even a word) into opening a gift with a giant fake tarantula in it. He took one look inside and threw it across the room. Classic.

Mike gets major props for being the only guy to wear his holiday finest. Well...besides Santa of course.


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bath Time is Fun...Really

When Max is surprised or scared by something, he makes the FUNNIEST face. Well, I don't know if he thinks it's funny, but it sure cracks me up. This is the face he makes every single time he gets in the tub. As soon as he's all the way in he loves it, but I think it just freaks him out when he first touches the water.