Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Saturday Sprinkle

We spent a good portion of July in Texas, but we did return long enough for me to help with a few showers. One of my neighbors and good friends, Katie, is having her second little boy soon, so another friend and I had a sprinkle at my house for her!

Things did not exactly go smoothly the day before said sprinkle. Ben decided it would be a fabulous idea to hang from the chandelier (quite literally), and he broke the ring holding it up. I may have panicked a bit when I saw the chandelier hanging by a thread (or cord), but luckily I have a super handy husband. A trip to the store and a couple hours later, we had a new and improved light in place.

We got the kids in bed, I set up, and it was pushing midnight by the time I went to get ready for bed. And that's when the toilet started to overflow. We realized quickly that this was not a little problem, and it set off a chain of events that kept us up the majority of the night. Once again, Mike came to the rescue. He waited until a decent hour (6 a.m. to be exact) and then using his superior Googled plumbing advice, made a snake out of a cut up water hose and found the clog in the line outside. To say I was excited that I could take a shower and that shower guests weren't going to be forced to use a neighbors restroom is an understatement!

Drama aside, it ended up being an excellent day to celebrate and love on Katie. My main thrill in life is having a party to plan, and I was happy with how it all turned out. Simple but cute. My mantra. Except that cute usually means "covered in cereal bar pieces and melted crayons" these days. Nothing like toddler chic.

Katie with her mother-in-law and mother



Back-To-School 2015

We are back-to-school over here, which means fall is right around the corner! Max and Ben started 4K and 3K, and so far it seems like they are having a blast. Addie and Emmie seem to be having fun too, but they do ask about their "brudders" a lot when they are gone. Here's to a great year!

Meet the teacher:

First Day of School: