Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Hey There 2016...I'm Late to the Party

And just like that...the first two months of 2016 are gone! We have been living life as usual, and although I thought I was done with blogging...apparently I just can't quit. The normal half of my brain tells me that I post most of the photos I love in Instagram these days, and I don't really post anything all that interesting the majority of the time. The OCD part of my brain tells me that if I quit, I'll only have a few years of my life documented here, and I'll regret it someday. So what I'm saying is, despite the fact that approximately 4 people read this besides me, I will be blogging until I am old and gray. Or I guess I should just say old, because I already have the gray hair thing on lock.

Anyhow, business around here as usual. Last time I wrote, we hadn't even finished the Christmas season yet. The kids had a great time, and Santa even managed to squeeze in a visit on the 24th before we headed to Texas on the 25th to see our families. He's such an accommodating guy.

They weren't excited or anything.

It was great this year...no flu in sight! We had a great time in Texas with our families, and then it was time to head back home and start packing for...Walt Disney World! WDW is pretty much my favorite place every in the history of the world (I mean not that I'm crazy or anything), and it had been 8 years since I had been. I was nervous to take four kids with us, but luckily we had enough adults to go around (my mom and sister went too), and we rocked the two double strollers like a boss.You haven't lived until you've loaded up 8 people and 2 giant strollers onto a crowded bus while people try to push around you. We literally had strangers holding our kids on the bus at one point, because it was either that or leave them behind. I mean, those strollers are pricey to replace. And after all...everyone at Disney World is a friend. Just go with me on that one.

If you feel the need to see our entire trip rolled into 20 minutes, Mike created a fabulous video of the week, and you can view it here. It seriously went so much better than I could have ever imagined, and I can't wait to go back!

In February, we had fun getting back to "normal" around here after Christmas and our big trip.

We got back to school with a little Veggie Visitor homework.

We celebrated Mardi Gras with the Hammonds and our annual King Cake making extravaganza.

And we celebrated Valentine's Day in style...

And with some candy and math. Candy is my favorite...the math I'm working on.

Here's to a great 2016!

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