Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Max Turns Five: Minion Style

It's official...Max is five!

Just so you know, he takes the job very seriously. He has five-year-old boo boo's now. And he goes to "big church." And he can use the pause button on the remote. He's practically grown.

We actually spent the majority of Max's actual birthday in the car, but he did make it to preschool that morning. Because receiving a birthday crown is big business. One does not simply miss out on the birthday crown, people.

After school we headed straight to Texas, and we made up for a birthday spent in the car with a family birthday party the next day. We went simple with a minion birthday party, and with my store bought banner and some help from Mimi and Aunt Hailey, we pulled it off. The birthday guy had a blast...and what else matters? Now for eleventy billion pictures...


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Monday, September 07, 2015

Life Lately

Fall and the busyness that comes with it seems to be in full swing around here. The boys are loving school, we have been busy busy on the weekends, and I can't wait for all things pumpkin. I don't know why, but pumpkins just make me so happy. I just found gold glittered pumpkins at Walmart for $1, and they came home with me stat. Gold glitter and pumpkins are two of my very favorite things, so I basically felt morally obligated to purchase them. Or maybe that's overstating it, but probably not. I mean...

Cute right? Or maybe it's just me. 

Also...Max is super passionate about his birthday countdown. Only four days until he turns 5. Mike took him camping with some friends this weekend, and he was so excited I thought he would burst. They hiked, cooked smores, and they even learned all about snakes (and pet some). I mean...I'm devastated I wasn't there. #notreally

That's one excited (almost) five-year-old right there!

Meanwhile...I held down the fort with the youngest three. We managed to have a good time, but they were all glad when Max got back. I think they asked where he was about 1.5 billion times. 

Emmie hamming it up with me. I am finding out that toddler girls are quite...dramatic. And by dramatic I mean they can scream really loud. 

Exhibit One:

Emmie wasn't feeling this picture. She felt like she wasn't given an adequate spot in the line up.

Exhibit Two:

By the time she got over it everyone else was...well...over it. She wasn't too thrilled. Such is life.

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