Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Round Up

 All ready for the day...Emmie was all about it.

 Addie wasn't really feeling picture time.

 Max and Mommy date at the local bakery. He was a fan.

 A trip to Walmart, and this guy left with an umbrella. He's been pretty attached to it ever since. The boys were making some noise after bedtime this weekend so Mike went to go check on them. Max was just sitting in bed with his umbrella open over his head. It's important to always be prepared, I guess.

 Addie took control of our neighbor's stroller.

 Emmie playing twin mom.

 I'm working on ponytails. Addie is getting there.

 I was proud of Mike for finding $1 at Walmart, so I made him take a picture.

 Why have 1 bow when you can have 4?

 Max thought he probably needed to get in on the bow action too.

Ben enjoying a cupcake. You know...because cupcakes.


Friday, March 20, 2015

March Mayhem

March has been jam-packed so far with visitors from Texas and lots of fun. Now that the weather is getting warmer (hopefully), I hope there are lots of fun days ahead!

 Addie left, Emmie right

 Max all ready for Wacky Wednesday at school

 Hanging out with Aunt Amy

 Spaghetti Night!

 Silly girls at church (E left, A right)

Mimi and Max at lunch after a fun zoo day

Snow Day 2015

Like most people, we have had a crazy winter around here. We haven't really had a good snow in a few years, but we sure got one this year. I think we got about 4-6 inches. Max loved it, Ben hated it, and Addie and Emmie were okay with it as long as they were being held. Everybody's favorite part? Snow ice cream after dinner of course. I'm looking forward to more snow days in the future...far far in the future!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Addie's First Haircut

Addie was not super thrilled about her first hair cut experience. She is definitely sensitive to new situations and experiences, and haircuts are no exception. Luckily, the tears ended fast, and those curls sure are cute!