Friday, April 07, 2017

Christmas 2016

Well. Easter is next week. What better time than now to go ahead and blog about Christmas 2016? None, I say! So without further are a bunch of pictures from last December that I will be making up captions for since clearly don't remember what happened last week let alone 5 months ago.

I hosted my fourth annual favorite things party, and this is the only picture I took. It's worth mentioning that I had the cutest gingham mug where the Santa mug is. Two hours before the party started I decided I just HAD to rearrange this little area {lest the party be RUINED by misplaced dinnerware}, and I broke said adorable gingham mug. So what did I do? I packed up all four of my kids and went in search of a new one, spent a few minutes crying in the aisles of Walmart when I determined that the mug was SO cute that every single one had been purchased by other women who would then have a favorite things party decorated SO MUCH CUTER than mine, and finally decided this little Santa would have to do. What I'm saying is that I'm a real catch.

Anyhow...the party was a success, and not one person told me it would have been much better if only I had had a gingham mug.

Mike and I try to go to as many life group Christmas parties as possible, and this particular class had a Very 80s Christmas. We (I) are all over some costume parties, so we had fun dressing as Daniel and Ali from the Karate Kid.

There were crafts to be made...

and pajamas to be worn.

There were reindeer games...

and fun days at school.

There were matching shirts (shocking I know)...

and a trip to see Santa.

There were more life group parties,

and good times with friends.

And one of my new FAVORITES this (well, last) year...

Breakfast with Santa at Cedar Hill Farm!

Getting Santa's autograph...

The excitement was all to much for Emmie to bear.

Max and Addie...the happiest thieves there ever were.

And just like was 2017.
{Or you know...April 2017, but whatever}