Friday, May 21, 2010

Shelves on the Cheap

I wrote awhile back about a fairly giant cubbie system I wanted for the wall in my living room. After looking around for awhile, we settled on a smaller and much cheaper solution for the wall. I think I like this a lot more than I would have liked the cubbies. They don't take up near as much room, and they won't entice toddlers to try to scale them. Well, at least if they do they won't fall as far.

These are just two sets of the shelves you can buy at Target. I am mixing the wicker baskets with the cheaper ones to make it look a little "fancier" for a living room space. Eventually I want a basket in each spot, but we'll work on that slowly.


1 comment:

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

SUPER cute!! I like the empty shelves! Love your things on the wall too!