Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Fair Weekend

Last weekend was busy around here, and it was a blast! My mom, aunt, and sister flew into Little Rock and then drove the rest of the way here. They got here LATE Friday night, but by Saturday we were ready to hit the town.

Saturday was A-Fair in the square. There were arts and crafts, food, and entertainment. Although it was super hot, we had a great time. And I'm pretty sure my aunt bought something from everybody there!

Sister and me in the shade

Milking the cow at the Farm Bureau booth. Much harder than it looks.

Afterwards, we went to Neely's for some barbecue, and then on to the Cheesecake Corner in downtown Memphis. Yum. Double yum.

Yes, this is the roll I ingested at Neely's. And the butter on my fingers. Don't judge.

The rest of the weekend was full of church, more good food, and shopping on Monday. I love having family in town! Ya'll come back soon, ya hear?


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