Thursday, May 13, 2010

20 weeks

As of last Saturday, this little guy's lease on my stomach is halfway up. I can't believe it's already been 20 weeks...and yet I can! Although we "unofficially" found out that he's a he, I can't wait for our big ultrasound on the 24th. I want some more pictures of him, since the only one we have looks like a speck of dust.

He has really started moving around the past few days...especially around my bladder. I can only imagine what that will feel like in a month or two. I can't wait!

(Terrible picture, but here's a side shot)


Katie said...

SO EXCITING!! You look fabulous! Hopefully we'll all be able to get together this summer when you're super far along, and we can go shopping for your sweet baby. (Maybe at Spice!) SO FUN!

The Lewis Family said...

You look wonderful!!!