Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We're Here!

We have officially been in Mississippi for over 72 hours now! We just moved into our rent house today, and we got our Internet back up and running. I will post very soon with pictures, etc. Until then, here are just two random differences I have noticed between Texas and Mississippi so far. The first one is just an observation...the second one...we may have a problem...

1. The closets here don't have wooden shelves. They are metal/wire-ish. If that makes sense.

2. I passed several shopping centers today, and not ONE had a donut shop in it. I may just have to start eating something healthy for breakfast.


The Lewis Family said...

Oh, Mississippi, what will we do with you?! Can't WAIT to come visit. Oh, and that's how my closet in North Carolina was.

Wilson's said...

Yep, Alabama had metal shelves too. And I definitely think that most of the donut shops are in the DFW metroplex. We don't have a single one in town here and grocery store donuts are not the same.