Monday, September 07, 2009

Goodbyes...for now

This has been a fabulous Labor Day weekend! This is officially our last weekend in Texas, so we have spent a lot of time with family and friends before we head out.

On Saturday, Amy and Jessica threw a party for Mike and me. We all had a great time just hanging out, talking, and of course eating. Amy got the best food from Market Street, and we had some fabulous desserts! The Vick and the McDonough kids have been friends for so long that they are practically extended family, so we always have a fun time together. My mom, dad, and sister came, too, along with some friends from our Woods Chapel days.

Jessica and me.

My mom and dad.

Jess and Seth.

Me and my sister.

Seth, Mike, and Joe.

Dad...with his gimp leg.

Amy and Erin.

Sarah and me.

Today, my family came out to Frisco to say their goodbyes. We went out to Babe's (I'm going to miss that fried chicken), and then we came back to our house. My Nana made some FABULOUS cake, which I am going to have to have more of as soon as I am done posting. I gave up on "getting healthy" until we move, because everyone knows that the only way to say goodbye is with fabulous food. Everyone in the family got together and put together a box for Mike and me. It is filled with letters from everyone, and I love it. Here's a picture of it:

Our memory box.

My sister, brother, dad, mom, and us.

My sister, me, and mom.

My cousin's family.

That's right.

My aunt and uncle.

Me and Nana.

My brother is so cool.


All of these goodbyes can only mean one thing...less than a week until we head out!


Our Family said...

Hey Amanda!

God has big plans for you guys! It's exciting! Hang in there with the move...Give it some time to feel normal! We are still trying to get used to it! :) I will look forward to seeing all about your life in Miss. and your adoption process through your blog and Jess!

The Lewis Family said...

Yup, I'm digging that shirt in blue... When I got the creme one, that's the only color they had!