Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All that Jazz

Today, I spent three hours learning how to be a substitute teacher. I am a little worried that I spent so much time learning what I can't do in the classroom that I am going to forget everything I can do. Oh well.

In other news, my heart was very happy today when I drove into Germantown and Ann Taylor LOFT and Vera Bradley were in the same shopping center right next door to each other. It's like a little sign. I am not sure what kind of sign, but it probably involves spending money. I probably shouldn't go there very often. But I probably will. Even if it's just to smell the purses at the Coach store. Seriously...try it sometime.

When I was in high school we took a trip to Memphis and visited Graceland. Now, everytime I get on the highway I am reminded that Graceland in all its splendor is only a few miles away. I imagine that this is what people feel like when they move to Orlando and realize that they only live minutes from the greatness that is Disney World. But maybe not quite on that scale. More like realizing you live next to Dollywood. I only live 7 hours from Dollywood now, though, so maybe I'll visit and let you know.

Anyways, today was a very important day in my life, because for some reason I thought there were no LOFT stores in my general vicinity. Apparently the world is right again, because I can still visit and buy clothes that will be on sale for 2.88 when I go back in the next time. Seriously...there were clothes there for 2.88 today. Shorts and pants. Without holes in them! And they weren't sunshine yellow. Although if you own a pair of sunshine yellow pants I am sure they are very attractive on you.

So...in a nutshell, life is moving on here in good ol' Mississippi. People have been ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL, and we already know that we are blessed to have a wonderful new church family!

For those of you who have been wondering, my dad's leg has healed to the point that they can continue with chemo. He had his body scans today, has to have surgery to put in his ports, and he will be admitted to the hospital all next week for chemo. Then, he will go back to keep receiving chemo for several weeks after that. The news last week wasn't the best in the world, but my mom put it best,

"We are finding solace in the fact that our God is faithful 100% of the time. He is not limited by the statistics of modern science. He has carried us through this journey, and will continue to lift us up when we are too weary to fight on our own. I know that God answers prayers as nonspecific as, "Lord, be with that guy that has cancer." and, if that's all you can keep up with, then that’s awesome! However, I have some specific requests for those that have time. First, that Greg will tolerate the chemo with minimal side effects. Second, that the wound on his leg will not get worse during the course of treatment. Third, that God will allow Greg to be healed of all cancer…now and in the future!"

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Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda! How far are you guys from Germantown? We are only about 2 1/2...we are at the north west corner of AL....