Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Chocolate Fix on the Road

I will tell you the truth: the drive from DFW to Mississippi is kind of far. It's a very doable day's drive, but there's not just a ton to look at on the highway.

One of my favorite parts of the drive, though, is just about an hour from here in Greenville, Texas. There, on the side of the highway, you will find this:

My grandparents used to live in East Texas, so we would make many a stop at the ol' Mary of Puddin Hill. I just love it. We stopped in on the way to Mississippi last time to pick up some snacks for the road. It was a little smaller (and older...obviously) than I remember, but it was still just as fun. Who doesn't need to see a chocolate Forrest Gump?

So, for all of you that will be heading out on 1-30 soon, make the stop. You'll be glad you did. And pick up some chocolate covered peanuts for me.

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Chelsea said...

So fun...I LOVE Lucy!