Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Plates Galore

I have been trying to get motivated to do some things around my house, but I always seem to be so lazy on the weekends! Well, I have a little project I finally got around to this weekend. In Frisco, with zero lot line houses, there is a rule that the builder has to include a "light well." Basically, that's a fancy name for a sliding door that looks out onto a brick wall. The idea is to let some light in through the window (as opposed to the windows that keep light out), but it can be kind of a weird space. When we moved in, I put an iron stand out there with flowers, and it really does look pretty. I think this is one of the only pictures I have:

Anywho, I was planning on getting curtains, but I really do like all the light it lets in. So, I turned to the source of all my inspiration these days: blog stalking. I have seen so many girls decorate with plate groupings, so I thought I'd try it. I saw a great guest tutorial at Bless Our Nest awhile back, so I collected my plates and went to town!

First, you trace your plates onto paper and cut them out. It is much easier to place the paper on the wall first! I would have been readjusting all afternoon if I hadn't taken the time to do this.

Then, voila! You can actually nail the plate right over the paper to make sure you got it even. Then, you just pull at the paper and it rips right off the wall.

Random picture...I love these bunnies from Pier One, so I put them in the arrangement on my dining room table. Not forever. Just for now.


The Lewis Family said...

Cute plates! It's been forever since I've been over there!!! We'll have to fix that.

Rhonda said...

Totally had to stare at that arrangement for 5 minutes before I could see the bunnies. But once I spotted them they were way cute.

Amanda said...

I'm stalking you now too. :) Cute plates - where are they from? Love your wall color.

Hannah said...

Haha, I'm with your mom. I'm sitting in class with my face like 2 inches from the computer screen looking for them. But I finally found them above the arrangement, and think they are very cute - nice touch!