Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Opening Day!

Opening Day has come and gone. Sigh. But...that just means that baseball season is here! We love baseball season here in the McDonough house (it has been an aquired taste for me I must admit). My dad worked for the Rangers when I was younger though, so I have always enjoyed being out at the stadium. I just love everything about it.

Yesterday was super fun. We went out to the annual tailgate for just a little bit, because it was SO COLD! I thought my hands were going to freeze off. Luckily, it was much warmer inside the stadium and out of the wind. I had to slather up with the good ol' SPF 50 that everyone laughs at me for. Not everyone, though, because a lady definitely stopped and asked me if she could use some. Apparently it is my goal to be known as the "girl who brings sunscreen."

Caleb before his GiGi got there to convince him to put in his earplugs.

Post earplugs and with food...much better.

Captain...Not as cool as the yellow chicken from back in the day, but whatev.

Overall, a great day at the ballpark! Now we just have to convince Jessica to come back...apparently getting your face broken by a ball makes you not want to come back!

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The Lewis Family said...

That one of Caleb and his new shades is super cute... Send it to me, por favor:) Looks like y'all had fun. Just make sure you go to the game on May 16... I'll be there for that one.