Thursday, January 17, 2013


This is the first year Santa visited our house. Max is old enough to mostly get it, and he thinks reindeer are pretty awesome. Since we left for Texas first thing Christmas morning, Santa came early on Christmas Eve this year. That guy is so considerate.

 The tree ready and waiting...

 Ben's loot. He is getting in early on this Santa action!

 Max's loot.

A barn to share...although Max thinks it's "his barn."

 A kitchen...I mean marketplace! I mean, it has a cash register and everything.

 I'm still half asleep but excited.

 I thought you said Santa came?

 There it is! But I'm still out of it.

 Why are you taking pictures?

 Playing with daddy.

 What is this??

 I like it!

 Guys, did you see this??

 Tastes delicious!


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