Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Bible Study Christmas Party

In the past, we have always hosted our Life Group Christmas party. Our group dissolved this year since so many of us teach on Sunday mornings, but we started a Thursday night bible study for younger couples in our church. So...we had to party of course! 

I didn't take many pictures,  but I did grab a couple of the always fabulous white elephant gift exchange. This year, Mike and I made t-shirts for our gag gifts. I was kind of obsessed with them, because they just cracked me up! I am certainly not mocking the importance of praying for your church leaders...but sometimes you just have to have some fun!

 In case it's too small to see, we got pictures of our pastor and worship pastor and wrote "I pray for my pastor" on them. Except with praying hands...because that just makes it cooler.

 Mike got a super big cup. Ha! It got stolen as a fun Christmas centerpiece.

 Who doesn't need a One Direction toothbrush?

 If I'm going to eat chocolate, I want it to be in the shape of a cat.
Also...this is our worship pastor. Which made it super awesome when someone opened a shirt with his face on it.


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