Monday, January 07, 2013

Ben at Seven Months

 Ben on December 11th, you turned seven months old! This month I saw a lot of signs that you are starting to "grow up." You are such a happy little guy, you are still a big snuggler, and you love to watch people around you. Here are a few more things going on with you in your 7th month.

 You started rolling over a little bit more. -You learned how to clap, and you do it when you get really excited or proud of yourself.
You are officially sitting up really well.
You still haven't found a solid food you don't like. And you are a fan of the puffs.

You take 3 naps a day.
You like your excersaucer, but you like being held more!

You have started transitioning into 9 month clothes. You aren't a real chubby guy, but you are getting longer and longer.
You have started to babble more, and you find screaming hilarious. You scream and then clap for yourself.

Eight months is right around the corner...we love you little guy!


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