Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas with Family

We stayed in town for our church's Christmas Eve service, and first thing Christmas morning we headed to Texas. The boys did great, and we made really good time. Unfortunately, the ice and snow hit when we got to East Texas, and the roads got crazy. We saw an eighteen wheeler overturned, and the car right in front of us spun out and ended up in the grass on the side of the highway. It took a lot longer than it should have, but we made it! Thank goodness my family was coming back with us and my mom hopped in the car with us before it started. She kept the boys entertained. 

We finally got to Mike's dad's house, and it was time for the Christmas fun to continue. For Max that meant diving into the presents he saw in the corner. It really doesn't take long for kids to figure this present business out! This year it was fun, though, because he wanted everyone else to open too.

Max and his new doctor's kit glasses.

 Looking at his new book with Aunt Amy

 Presents are yummy!

 Opening Papa's present for him

 A new helmet...we had to hide this and the big wheel until the weather gets better!

The big wheel...he was all about the "big" present.

A couple days later we went to my mom's house to finish up Christmas over there. We opened gifts in Mississippi, but we waited to do our stockings until we got to Texas. They are my favorite part! I only got a couple pictures, but the boys are fans of stockings too.

 Ben...probably deciding how to get this in his mouth

Max and Mimi checking out his new truck


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