Friday, January 18, 2013

Perot Museum

On New Years Eve we decided to venture out to the Perot Museum with Mimi, Aunt Hailey, and Uncle Zachry. We had tried to go earlier in the week, but with the holidays it was so crowded that you had to have your tickets purchased in advance. It was so so crowded, but we enjoyed getting to see this awesome new museum!

 Max looking at the stars on the ceiling.

 Good to know...

 Max was pretty pumped about the dinosaurs. posing for him when there is stuff to see!

 Aunt Hailey and Uncle Zachry took Max on a platform that simulated different intensities of earthquakes. He didn't really know what to think at first...

 You lookin' at me?

 They had a fun kid's play area in the basement. He would have spent all day in here.

 Just let me take a nap!
This was about 45 minutes before we realized I packed the bottle but no formula.
Mom fail.

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