Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Not much

I sincerely apologize for my lack of postings this summer. I was just sure that as soon as school was out I would be posting everyday and coming up with very witty things to say. The thing is, my life is kind of boring. I really haven't done all that much, besides the occasional Ranger game or trip to see my family.

Things still aren't looking that great on the pants front. Luckily, it's summer so it's almost 9:00 and I am still wearing pajama pants. And I haven't brushed my teeth. Just being honest. I have been working on a little project that has turned my living room into something that resembles Hobby Lobby, so I'll show you that soon.

Other than that, I'm out. Off to find my toothbrush. Not really, but I thought it might make you feel better.


Katie said...

I have been checking your blog and I am OUTRAGED at the lack of posts! I know you think you're boring, but even your "boringness" is hilarious to the rest of us. You could post about the Big 6 reunion or something else super fun! Like....coming to visit me and Annie once this crazy wedding is over! Hehe. I can't wait to see you soon. I know we can't be the "cupcakes" but could we be like keylime pies or chocolate cakes...not, Brooke doesn't like chocolate. We need a fun name. I guess we could always go with the altoids. :)

brooke said...

Katie, thank you so much for remembering that I don't like chocolate - that means so much. I showed some of my co-workers the cupcake blog and their reaction was priceless. Amanda, bringing the funny is tricky. Enjoy your summer! I am jealous.

Rhonda said...

Thanks, guys! Now I want a chocolate cupcake. And I had made it through one whole day without baking something. And, Manda, I bet you would have cool, exciting, and super funny things to blog about if you would come visit me!

Stewart Stuff said...

Totally off the subject of your blog... but I wanted to let you know that I'm stealing the "sort of game" that you did at the shower for Katie. I'm throwing a kitchen shower for my sister in law. I just wanted to give kuddos where it is due. :)