Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ranch Hands

Last weekend we went on our "mini-vacation" with some of our very best friends. Jessica's family has a ranch down in central Texas, so we went down there. It was a blast. We always love hanging out with Jess and Seth, but we don't get to do it near enough. Lindsey and Bryan (the Lewis' friends from college who ended up moving to Texas) were there, too. We have really enjoyed getting to know them. They are so fun!

It was a great, relaxing trip. We hung out at the ranch, went shopping in Salado (hot!), and went to dinner and a movie in Kileen. We also ate a LOT of cookies and smores!

The only slightly scary thing about the whole trip was the massive amount of grasshoppers that were EVERYWHERE. And let me tell you what. When they hit you in the face and neck at 20 miles per hurts.

Getting ready to go out on the ranch and look for heifers. Yup...that's just what we do.

More Gator shots...

Mike and a preggo donkey.

The dinner table out on the porch. That's the life.

The guy's version of "shopping" in Salado.

Bryan and Lindsey at the river.

Mike and Seth crossing the river.

More river...

At the tiny chapel. This is where Jess and Seth got engaged...

Random picture from the Baylor bookstore on the way down there.


The Lewis Family said...

I hope you bought that hat;)

Sarah Carroll said...

Oh I remember the grasshoppers from a trip to the ranch with my family!!! So freaky!