Friday, July 31, 2009

School's Back For the Autumn

When I was younger, I would wait with anticipation for the school supplies to be put out on the shelves. Finally, my mom would take us to pick our stuff out, and I would bring it home and spend the next few weeks stacking it all up, unstacking it, and stacking it up again. I'm not exactly sure what all the stacking did, but I'm sure it was very beneficial in making me the slightly OCD person I am today.

Now that I work in a school, though, I have to admit that this sight strikes fear into my heart.

Okay, maybe fear is a strong word. More like a dull ache that reminds me that I am not a woman of leisure. I love my job, I love working in a school, and I really do like getting up and doing more with my day than watching episodes of Bones and doing laundry. But when this stuff starts popping up at Target it means that summer vacation is almost over. And I do love summer.

I do, however, still get excited about some school supplies. I mean, have you seen the Vera Bradley stuff? Super cute. And you know that if anything is going to get me excited about school it's Vera.

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Anonymous said...

that's hilarious! but sadly, i know exactly what you mean. i was the exact same way. maybe it was a early sign we were supposed to be teachers??