Thursday, June 25, 2009

donde estan mis pantalones?

Through a very sad turn of events this weekend, my wardrobe has taken a severe hit. The dry cleaners, the people whom you trust to keep your clothes looking like new, lost my pants. And not just one pair. At this point, I am still trying to figure out exactly how many pairs I took, but it's not looking good.

You know, you hear about this kind of thing happening, but you just never expect it to happen to you. I feel so vulnerable right now.

Now, you may think that I could march right into the dry cleaners and demand payment, but unfortunately it's not that easy. Through a very convoluted and boring turn of events, we actually took the laundry bag to one cleaner, picked it up the next day (still dirty), and took it somewhere else. So, there is really nobody to point a finger at. But if I see some girl wearing my pants at the mall, I'm going to demand that she produce a receipt. Oh, it's on.


The Lewis Family said...

Remember how the dry cleaners lost my pants back in the fall? I gave the lady heck and then later that day found them in my closet. Yea, that was embarrassing.

Hope they find your stuff!

Miss Nikki's News said...

we have had the happen quite a few times...we have gotten some crazy times! a mens dress shirt, a western bedazzled shirt! there is hope they may find it later! hope all is well!

Our Family said...

Oh my gosh! That is so terrible! What place is this so we can stay away! geez!