Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Max's 3rd Birthday P-arrrrr-ty!


Max has been really into pirates lately, so when it was time for his 3rd birthday last month we just had to p-arrrrr-ty.  Pirate parties are a popular theme, so it was a cinch to find lots of cute ideas. I will always love crafting and creating for parties, but I was determined to keep it a bit more simple (read: easy) than I had in the past. I really tried to focus on the things that would make it the most fun for the kids. What could be easier and more fun than dressing up like a pirate, playing at the park, and eating donuts?? We had a great time, and I think everyone had a swashbuckling good time!

Now for the pictures. Lots of them.

The birthday boy! 
I found these cute shirts at Target back at the beginning of the summer. 

Ben got one, too.

 We had to dress up too, of course.

Emmie sporting a nice eye patch.

I slipped an eye patch on Addie while she was sleeping...ha!


The loot table...eye patches, tatoos, telescopes, gold beads, compasses, coins, jewels (ring pops), and bandanas.

The menu. Super simple, but fun.

My favorite part...Starbucks bar!
I just made simple pirate phrase signs on my computer and put them up.

Pirate pinata with Hershey nuggets and chocolate coins. 
Yes, they melted, but they were cute!

Since we were at the park, I filled a bucket with Wet Ones to wash little hands.

Max was proud of his hook.

Ben was a fan of the swing. He looks so tall!

A donut in each hand!

Someone had a ring pop.

Twin picture!
I had about 30 of these on my camera. Hilarious.


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