Sunday, September 22, 2013

Zoo Fun

The day before Max's birthday party my mom was in town, so we took the kiddos to the zoo. The weather was perfect, and we had a great day! No crying...except when a large monkey ran into the plexiglass window right in front of Ben's face. He wasn't a fan, poor guy.

All four kiddos in the Hummer.
Max is waving to some tiny monkeys.

Just hanging out.

Ben is cracking me up here.
What's the deal with this place? Why can't I touch the animals?
(Note: Ben would never do such a thing because animals terrify him.)

Do I look like a bee?

Feeding the birds.
I took a turn, and I find that it is both fun and strangely terrifying.

Had to watch the stroller in the bird santuary.
This bird had a death wish.

There are a couple places around the zoo they let kids play in the water.
I think we spent half the day just doing that!

We'll just sleep, thanks.


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