Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Texas, Days 13-14

I didn't take a single picture yesterday, but it sure was busy. My dad had to be at the hospital yesterday, so Max and I went with my parents out there. Afterwards, the four of us went to North Park for a late lunch and a little bit of shopping. We headed back just in time for Max and I to head out to Frisco for dinner with Grandpa and Aunt Amy. We had a great time, and Max was flat worn out by the time we got home.

Today we planned on doing some things around town, but a call from my dad's doctor ended up sending us back to Dallas for most of the day. He needed to get some fluids (as in through an IV...they didn't just make him sit and drink all day). My mom usually stays with my dad at the hospital, even though he sleeps through most of his treatments, but since Max and I were with her we took a trip back to North Park once we got him settled. I love that mall.

So, to sum up the past two days: driving, food, mall, hospital. Max is such a trooper, though, and he has done great and had a (mostly) great time being out. I don't think he'll know what to do with himself when we get back in a schedule in Mississippi. Yes, we are eventually going back. Only 3 more days in Texas!

Just a few North Park pictures in the food court and climbing the wall by the ducks. It was so funny to see him watch the big kids do it and then try to do it too. We also got adventurous and let him try some fruit sorbet from Paciugo. We didn't give him much at all, but he loved it. Which is why he screamed like a mad man when we threw it away and he realized he couldn't have the whole thing.



Amber Marie said...

hA! I told Mike last night at chruch that it looked like Max was living up the vaca! He said that Mimi was making sure of it! :)

destiny said...

I've loved catching up on all your posts!! That baby is so precious!!! I could just squeeze him!
Praying for your dad....