Sunday, August 28, 2011

Catching Up

The McLife has been all Max, all the time lately, which I know is what most people want. But...I thought I'd take a minute to blog about some other things for a day. So...if you could care less, and just want to see pictures of Max, I'm sure he'll be back very soon. If you want to know all my business, read on.

1. On the 50 by 30 front, I sadly don't have much to report. I was down 25 pounds when we left for Texas, and then I decided to eat my way through the Metroplex. Two words: guacamole and cupcakes. So...I'm rocking a 22 pound loss these days, and I haven't seen a whole lot more movement since we've been back. Mostly because I think it's okay to run twice a week and eat dessert every night. Sigh. It's a marathon right?

I know my 50 by 30 is looking a little dismal right now, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. And I could list all sorts of excuses, but I'm not going to do that either. I'm just going to say it's a daily thing. And I've decided that if it ends up being 30 by 30, I'll take that, too. I would much rather take it in small pieces and keep pushing than to decide it's not going to happen and give up all together. So...that's where that's at. Now you know.

2. I haven't sewed in months. I can tell you exactly when it happened. The day Max started crawling and realized he didn't have to play in the floor right next to me. And the day he realized that he can pull cords out of the wall. You can't sew if someone keeps unplugging the machine. Now, clearly, I could sew when he's asleep. I can't say I haven't had the time. You make time for what you want to make time for. I just haven't made it a priority. And I'm totally good with that. But I am working on some fun things for our upcoming birthday celebration!

3. Same goes for couponing. I'm still clipping those coupons and using them as I can, but I am not planning grocery trips around them. As I started to change my diet and the way I shop, I found that I used very few food coupons. I also found that I would get home with 15 cans of tomatoes and nothing to eat them with. I started using E-Mealz , and I love it. I am saving money, coming home from the store with actual meals, and adding a lot of variety to our diet. I do the low-fat for two plan and modify it.

I do have to say that although I'm not using as many food coupons, I still think couponing at a drugstore is the way to go. I feel like if I'm saving lots of money on toiletries and cleaning products, I don't have to worry as much about the food side of it.

So there you have it. Food. Exercise. Sewing. Coupons. Bam. I couldn't be any cooler if I tried. More Max coming right up.


Mark & Kristin Walker said...

i love you amanda! and i would be way impressed with the 30 by 30!!

Nana said...

I enjoy hearing about you but must admit pictures and information about Max make my day. I suggest you get a leash for him. He is way to smart and to fast for one person to manage. You, MiMi and Aunt Amy wasted your money on all those toys. He would much rather pull out drawers and open doors to find out what is there. You might try putting his toys in a drawer or in the pantry or laundry room to make it more interesting for him. LOL