Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eleven Months

Max, you are ELEVEN months old! I say it every month, but you are at such a fun age right now. A crazy, busy, non-stop age, but it's a fun one! It's going to be a busy month, and then before I can blink you will be one. Be still my heart! Here are a few things to remember about this month:

-You have three teeth. And about eleventy-billion right around the corner.

-You are walking around the furniture and pushing toys around, but you still prefer to crawl. You are a crawling machine.

-You have taken an interest in books the past week or so. Sometimes you just chew, but you'll sit and look at pictures forever. In the car it is so cute to look back and see you with a book. You look like a little man reading in your carseat.

-You still make the funniest faces, and you have a new one. I have to tell strangers every day that you are trying to play with them...not trying to give them the stink eye. But who knows? You may be.

-You still love water. However, you spend your entire bath trying to climb out of the tub. Until you see the towel, and then we have to catch you to get you out.

-You love stairs, slides, and anything that involves moving, climbing, or mischief.

-You have learned how to open the trashcan. And you ate rocks out of the fireplace last week. We're working on those two!

-Have I mentioned you are almost ONE??



Nana said...

I'll bet there has never been a baby who has been more photographed nor one who smiles more or whose smile automatically makes people smile. No matter how depressed I am looking at his picture makes me smile. What a blessing especially for your mom and dad right now. She brought her Ipod over and we looked at his videos and laughed.
I intended to tell you yesterday that when you say "no" tone of voice and facial expression means everything. Remember"the look"?

Stewart Stuff said...

Sweet Precious Boy!!!!!

joeandjan said...

Is he walking behind his lion? Could walking alone be far behind?