Monday, March 01, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

What a wonderful weekend! My mom got here Friday night and went to work right away. She was such an amazing help, and after this weekend we are so much more prepared for Will's arrival! Between the fact that I want to sleep all the time and the fact that our nursery just became a room for two, I was definitely overwhelmed and didn't even know where to start. It looks so much better now.

Saturday morning was our shower at church, and I cannot say enough about what a wonderful, amazing, fabulous church family we have! They definitely made us feel so loved. Our families also sent presents, which was fun since we don't get to see everyone a lot anymore. It was a great time! I have a bunch more pictures, but in every one I am either looking at my present in disgust or confusion. Clearly, this was not really the case, so I don't want to post those!

After the shower, my mom and I ran a bunch of errands to get the things we will have to have right away for Will to come home. Then, it was back home to work some more. Although the room still isn't done (we need to decorate), it is now functional!

The super fun baseball blanket Aunt Amy sent.

By the time my mom left on Sunday, she had cleaned, unpacked, organized, cleaned...she even dusted my bedroom, which was slightly embarrassing! But I was totally thankful. Thanks mom! It's definitely starting to look like a baby is about to live here!

This is the "packing corner." You need one of these when the first couple of weeks with your newborn will take place in a hotel in another state!



Worthy of the Prize said...

LOVE the baseball blanket, so cute!! Good job Amy!

Can't wait to see you in a few days Amanda! :)

Kim said...

I'm so sorry the pics did not come out good. I tried to get ones where you were not in mid-sentence but I am no photographer. haha Really feel bad. :(

Misty said...

everything looks great! Sorry I wasn't there, I had the gift and everything but the whole double ear infection thing won out. Love the blanket, so cute!

joeandjan said...

That cake is adorable and I bet it was yummy! I'm having sugar envy having been on low carb for almost 6 weeks now. Looks like it was a lovely shower.

Rhonda said...

You didn't take a picture of the super cute dresser. I can't wait to see our little Will in the crib!!!