Monday, March 08, 2010

Celebrity Look Alikes

I'm slowly getting back to "normal" here in the McD house. We were in Arizona last week, and it was a blast! I was going to write about it before we left, but McGruff the Crime Dog started barking in the back of my head again, so I didn't say anything. Although I guess all you had to do was look at my twitter and know that I probably wasn't sitting next to Nolan Ryan on my couch. Although that would be cool.

So...I have lots to show and tell from the trip, but I'll save that for the rest of the week. With the Oscars last night, though, I do have one thing to say.

Am I the only person who cannot for the life of me tell Jeff Bridges and Kurt Russell apart? Seriously. It's right up there with Josh Duhamel and Timothy Olyphant, who I'm still not convinced aren't the same person. I mean really:

picture from

But...I did just get the whole Meryl Streep and Glenn Close figured out a few years ago. So go figure.



The Lewis Family said...

Ha! You're hilarious.

Miss Nikki's News said...

Here's anothr random one... Vince Gill and Mike Leach the old Texas Tech coach!

I want you to know I am praying for you and am so excited to hear how your story unfolds. I told the teachers at my school about your special story of adoption then about gtting pregnant. We have had several families here that have had the same thing happen...such a confirmation from God.