Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Okay, have ya'll heard all of this craziness with the baby slings lately?

I first caught wind of it when one of my friends mentioned it to me at church. She said she had seen a report on the news about how slings were dangerous and some babies had been hurt or killed when their air supply was cut off while in the sling. It kind of worried me, but I will admit, I kind of dismissed it after awhile. I wondered what news station had reported it (sensational or not?), what type of slings, etc. In the end, I decided that my sling was a little different than a lot I'd seen, and I would just make sure to be really careful and watch when I was using it.

SO- imagine my surprise when I was browsing CNN the other day and saw that my sling had been recalled and had been blamed for three of these types of deaths. Now, I know they have sold a million of these slings, but when it comes to safety those are clearly not odds anyone wants to mess with!! This is my sling, the Infantino Sling Rider.

If you own one, visit the Infantino website and get more information. The recall process is really easy, and they will replace your sling with another product. And that's my PSA for the year!


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The Lewis Family said...

That's scary! I hadn't heard that recall. I wonder if the Moby Wrap and the sling I had was recalled. I'm sure it relates back the whole SIDS thing-- some babies just don't have the natural instinct to turn their heads when their bodies realize they aren't getting enough oxygen.