Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting There...

Although Will's nursery is not even close to being done, we got his furniture in there. Here it is:

I came home yesterday to find a gift on the front porch, and it was this diaper pail! It was so fun to get an unexpected makes it real that it is getting super close.

I figure we may not be done with the nursery for awhile, since we'll be putting two cribs in there now. Apparently God has really focused on curing me of my need for perfection!

My mom got in town tonight, because Will is having his first shower tomorrow at our church! I'm so excited she's here. And if you know the Rhonda, you know she came bearing a car load of baby and maternity stuff. She can't help it. It's like her crack.



Nelle said...

The furniture is beautiful. Will will be a very blessed child. :)
Praying for all of you,

Our Family said...

Have fun at your shower! Enjoy every minute. You deserve it! :) Bryan and I are excited for all that is happening with yall!

Kim said...

The furniture looks good! Now we need a picture of your mound of gifts you got today! :)