Monday, February 01, 2010

The Unexpected

Every Friday, I talk to Miss C, Will's birthmother on the phone. Well, imagine my surprise (and maybe a little panic) when she answered the phone this Friday and said she was in the hospital!

From the beginning of her pregnancy, Miss C has been having some gallbladder problems. They have been getting worse, and now her appendix doesn't look that great either.

So, when Will is born he will be born by c-section, and then they will take out her gallbladder and appendix as well. Talk about a crazy surgery!

So now, the problem is when he'll be born. She is currently about 28 to 29 weeks, and obviously the doctors and everyone else would like her to make it as far as possible. April would be great, but at this point we just don't know.

Please be in prayer for Miss C as she tries control her pain and that she will be able to hold on as long as possible. So far, according to doctors, Will has not been affected at all. He is perfectly fine in there, and he is currently weighing in at almost three pounds. So, please pray that he will continue to be unaffected, and that he will get to bake as long as possible.

Thanks for your prayers!



Misty said...

oh goodness! I can't imagine your emotions right now! I will just pray for the birthmom and Will that everyone can hang on as long as possible!

destiny said...

will pray!

The Talkingtons said...

Sending prayers your way!