Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Work It, Work It

These days we are doing a lot of one thing: PAPERWORK! We are so excited to be moving ahead in the adoption process, and there is certainly a lot to be done. We are almost done with "Round 1" of our paperwork, which includes the information birthmothers will see when they consider us as adoptive parents.

We have to send it over 80 pictures of us together and separate, action shots and portraits, etc. Last night our friend Kim went with us and we took some pictures around town. Here are some of my favorites.



Katie said...

So cute!! Y'all will obviously be the cutest parents! Are you going to include any pictures from your previous post? I think they are fabulous. Maybe in clude some 80's pictures or SING pictures where you are dressed in stripes and standing on paint cans. Those are very original and unique...and obviously fabulous! Love and miss you!
Ps-Thanks for the message about the peaches. We found them, but the line was WAY too long! Bummer!

The Lewis Family said...

I like your shoes in that first photo!

laurenk said...

I loved all of them :-)